Martinez goes 3-0, Bourjos goes 2-4 [Cardinals 5, Phillies 2]

Cards WIN

After Michael Wacha struggled last night I was afraid Carlos Martinez might have some problems of his own, but he pitched an all around solid 6 innings, other than allowing 3 walks and is now 3-0 on the season. Peter Bourjos got a start and had 2 hits including a triple and an […]

Offense breaks out and Cards score 11 [Cardinals 11, Phillies 5]

Cards WIN

Apparently the Cardinals finally heeded my calls for a 10 run game. A lot of those runs were needed as well, since Michael Wacha wasn’t terribly sharp. Everybody hit aside from Jhonny Peralta, although nobody hit any home runs. And we had a huge change in the lineup with Jon Jay leading off […]

Cardinals Report 3 of 27

Believe it or not, we’re 1/9th of the way through the season already.

Last 6 games 4-2 ADAM WAINWRIGHT Overall Record 12-6 Lineups Used last 6 games 5 who cares? Different Lineups Used Overall 9 ADAM WAINWRIGHT Injuries Randal Grichuk, Yadier Molina (he’s back), Jason Heyward (seems minor) and ADAM WAINWRIGHT Biggest Concern ADAM WAINWRIGHT […]

With Wainwright’s achilles officially torn, Cardinals lose second in a row [Phillies 4, Cardinals 1]

Cards Lose

Facing Cole Hamels, who they would love to have pitching for them but probably can’t afford, the Cardinals managed 5 hits and a meager offensive output while losing to the Phillies. The Cardinals were actually leading 1-0 most of the game until John Lackey gave up 3 runs in the seventh inning. It […]

Cardinals lose, whatever as long as that series is over [Brewers 6, Cardinals 3]

Cards Lose

Well, the day after Adam Wainwright is lost for quite possibly the remainder of the season, what you don’t really want to see is your No. 2 starter struggle. That’s exactly what did happen on Sunday however as Lance Lynn pitched 5 innings and gave up 10 hits and 6 runs. Despite all […]

Cards win battle but might lose war as Wainwright gets injured [Cardinals 5, Brewers 3]

Cards WIN

Please excuse my tardiness in posting today – the Adam Wainwright injury is bumming me out. Last night he pitched 4 good innings and then had one terrible at bat when he did something (probably ruined his Achilles tendon) on the way to first base. The prognosis is negative so far, he’s likely […]

Carlos Martinez and more HRs beat Brewers [Cardinals 3, Brewers 0]

Cards WIN

It was often a comedy game of errors. The Cardinals beat a Brewers team last night that has only won three times all season and it’s not too hard to see why. The Cardinals displayed their solo HR power with Heyward and Peralta each getting one. Carlos Martinez had his best and longest […]

Cards win another late one, win series in DC [Cardinals 4, Nationals 1]

Cards WIN

Michael Wacha out-dueled $210 million dollar man Max Scherzer. They both pitched a 7 full innings, Wacha struck out 6 and walked 2 while allowing 5 hits and 1 run. This was another of the great games of the season and was well played and crisp until Mark Reynolds pinch hit and turned […]

Wong wins it [Cardinals 7, Nationals 5]

Cards WIN

The score was 5-0 Cardinals in the 3rd inning and it looked like we were going to roll to an easy win and an offensive blowout. Then John Lackey got into trouble and forgot to cover first base and it was 5-5. It stayed at 5-5 until the 8th inning when Kolten Wong […]

Cardinals Report 2 of 27

Last 6 games 5-1 Overall Record 8-4 Lineups Used last 6 games 3 Different Lineups Used Overall 5 Highest Avg. Last 6 Games Matt Holliday .563 Most RBI Last 6 Games Yadier Molina 6 Most Strikeouts Last 6 Games Jhonny Peralta, Matt Adams 5 Injuries Randal Grichuk Biggest Concern bullpen workload Lacking Offense/SP/RP lack of […]