Cardinals Report 4 of 27

How about that, we’re already 4/27th of the way through the season. The Cardinals just won their last six games – they have the best record in baseball going in to today’s games (they are tied with the Houston Astros for wins but have one fewer loss). Remember six days ago when I was panicking […]

Cardinals Report 3 of 27

Believe it or not, we’re 1/9th of the way through the season already.

Last 6 games 4-2 ADAM WAINWRIGHT Overall Record 12-6 Lineups Used last 6 games 5 who cares? Different Lineups Used Overall 9 ADAM WAINWRIGHT Injuries Randal Grichuk, Yadier Molina (he’s back), Jason Heyward (seems minor) and ADAM WAINWRIGHT Biggest Concern ADAM WAINWRIGHT […]

Cardinals Report 2 of 27

Last 6 games 5-1 Overall Record 8-4 Lineups Used last 6 games 3 Different Lineups Used Overall 5 Highest Avg. Last 6 Games Matt Holliday .563 Most RBI Last 6 Games Yadier Molina 6 Most Strikeouts Last 6 Games Jhonny Peralta, Matt Adams 5 Injuries Randal Grichuk Biggest Concern bullpen workload Lacking Offense/SP/RP lack of […]

Cards use 7 pitchers to beat Brewers [Cardinals 4, Brewers 2]

Cards WIN

I don’t have much to say. But it doesn’t seem like there is much to say about this game. The offense got stuck at 4 runs again and the bullpen didn’t make any mistakes. Lance Lynn only pitched 5 innings and allowed 1 run. Then we had a parade of relievers – every […]

Cardinals Report 1 of 27

As I said yesterday, having played 6 games the Cardinals are 1/27th of their way through the regular season. I thought I’d try to write up a status report every six games and see how the team is performing and how we’re feeling about it.

Last 6 games 3-3 Overall Record 3-3 Different Lineups Used […]