Cardinals conclude light offensive game with loss to Cubs [Cubs 2, Cards 0]

Cards Lose

Lance Lynn was pitching well, and then Tim McCarver mentioned he had a perfect game through 3 1/3 innings. BOOM! Jorge Soler triples. But Lynn held on that inning and the Cubs failed to score. He held on through several more innings, but so did the jinx. It wasn’t until the 7th inning that he hit Anthony Rizzo to lead off the inning and threw the ball away while trying to pick him off. The second and final base hit the Cardinals allowed in the game scored him – if Matt Carpenter had gotten in position as a cut-off man he might have been thrown out at home. But he didn’t, perhaps he thought Rizzo was going to stay at third and he needed to cover the base. The Cubs then played small ball and got their second run via a bunt and sac fly. Meanwhile on the Cardinals side of things, after getting two men on via walks in the first inning they were stymied by Jake Arrieta who only allowed three hits the whole game. It was a pitcher’s duel and the Cardinals made more mistakes. The Cubs must have worn off on them or something. I’ve been thinking hard about whether this a game the Cardinals should have won. I think ultimately it’s a game they could have won, rather easily if they had made one less mistake and gotten one key hit. But I can’t really say they should have won it when the office only got three hits. It’s a shame the Lance Lynn only allowed 2 hits and struck out 9 and they still lost. I guess it begs the question – is this karma coming back from the days when Lynn would allow 4+ runs per start and the Cardinals would still get the win?

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