Cardinals lose, whatever as long as that series is over [Brewers 6, Cardinals 3]

Cards Lose

Well, the day after Adam Wainwright is lost for quite possibly the remainder of the season, what you don’t really want to see is your No. 2 starter struggle. That’s exactly what did happen on Sunday however as Lance Lynn pitched 5 innings and gave up 10 hits and 6 runs. Despite all of this, the Cardinals could have won too, if they hadn’t LEFT 14 MEN ON BASE! It was not pretty. Mark Reynolds was responsible for 6 LOB and in his only hit of the day he hit his first HR of the season – when there was nobody on base. And as if the injuries to Yadier Molina and Wainwright weren’t enough in the first two games of the series, Jason Heyward was removed after straining his groin in the outfield. He’s day-to-day. It was still a positive series and roadtrip for the Cardinals, taking 2 of 3 in Milwaukee and Washington however. And Peter Bourjos finally got a hit yesterday, while Cody Stanley got one in his first major league at bat.

Tonight the Cardinals take on the Phillies and Cole Hamels – who will hopefully be scratched from his start and pitching for the Cardinals for a PTBNL and the Cardinals paying his huge salary. It won’t happen but it should, he’d be great replacement for Lackey next season as well.

Cardinals Debut: Cody Stanley (MLB Debut)

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  • Bryan

    The Phillies will never give Hamels away for anything less than a fortune. I don’t think we have enough to get him unless we trade from the major league club… which doesn’t seem to make sense at this point. I’m hoping Gonzalez and Garcia are the answers. I think we have to see where we are in June to determine what the course of action is. Do we stay internal or bet the pot to go external?

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