Cardinals Report 4 of 27

How about that, we’re already 4/27th of the way through the season. The Cardinals just won their last six games – they have the best record in baseball going in to today’s games (they are tied with the Houston Astros for wins but have one fewer loss). Remember six days ago when I was panicking about the loss of Adam Wainwright? Well I’m not exactly panicking anymore but I’m wary of getting too bullish on the rest of the season. A six game winning streak matches the longest they had last year – which occurred in Aug/Sep last year and also included a sweep of the Pirates. (Only one walk-off win though). But on the other hand, they just played 35 innings against the Pirates and scored a total of 7 runs. That’s not going to get the job done especially considering the absence of Wainwright – and the one game that he’s missed so far was an exceptionally poor start by Tim Cooney but turned into a win by the offense. Michael Wacha was great in his last start but lacking for run support, as was Lance Lynn who all of a sudden misses what seemed like leading the league in run support although he was far from it. And suddenly – in Chicago a (new) (old) rival has emerged for the Central Division. Milwaukee fired their manager yesterday and are counting themselves out of the race this year – the Cubs are the only other team in the division currently with a winning record. This 3 game series against the Cubs at Busch will answer some more questions – chiefly how do the two teams match up and who’s pitching every fifth day for the Cardinals.

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