Cards lose; end 5 game winning streak in 10th inning [Nationals 2, Cardinals 1]

Cards Lose

The Cardinals never really had it offensively last night and as they were using their bullpen up in the 8th and coming back in the 9th I wondered if it was worth it – it never really seemed like they were going to win the game. They had won their last five games and were bound to lose eventually. They had 13 hits but managed only one run with Matt Holiday finally getting the RBI on his fourth hit of the game. Lance Lynn pitched well but could have helped himself out – he was responsible for 6 of the men the Cardinals left on base. Again Mike Matheny dodged a bit of a bullet when Carlos Villanueva gave up the walk off HR in the 10th inning – the only other pitchers in the bullpen were Trevor Rosenthal and the newly called up Mitchell Harris – who was called up in place of Peter Bourjos going on paternity leave – so normally there wouldn’t have been an extra pitcher. The only real shame is that Jon Jay made two outstanding plays in the outfield to keep the Cardinals in the game in the 9th and 10th innings and then on the next pitch Villanueva gave up the HR. It was going to happen eventually so thankfully it happened in the 10th and not the 15th inning. You can’t really blame anybody – after 5 good wins the Cardinals were due for a loss and a night of cold offense. It’s not surprising that it came against a LH starting pitcher either.

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  • Bryan

    Yeah. It was sad to see it happen, but glad it happened that way. I just wish we could have got something across in all of our earlier chances.

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