Cards win battle but might lose war as Wainwright gets injured [Cardinals 5, Brewers 3]

Cards WIN

Please excuse my tardiness in posting today – the Adam Wainwright injury is bumming me out. Last night he pitched 4 good innings and then had one terrible at bat when he did something (probably ruined his Achilles tendon) on the way to first base. The prognosis is negative so far, he’s likely out for the season.

The Cardinals managed to bring in a parade of relievers and we had some more crazy plays en route to a 5-3 win.

Lance Lynn needs to pitch 8 innings today. Wainwright has been put on the DL but strangely the Cardinals chose to call up a backup catcher while Yadi recovers. Why not risk it another two games and bring up some relief for the relievers? Seriously, if your number one starter is now out for the season and you’ve already been overworking your bullpen you need to take IMMEDIATE action and give some guys a rest for the long haul. Also last night Randy Choate made another appearance – 1 batter, 1 hit allowed and 1 run scored. Replacing him with a middle innings right hander would be appropriate. I know he’s got a contract and you’ll have to pay him anyway but I’d rather pay him to sit on the beach than give up hits and walks more than 50% of the time in what are quite often “high leverage” situations. Thanks for listening Mo.

Cardinals Debut: Mitchell Harris (MLB Debut)

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