Offense breaks out and Cards score 11 [Cardinals 11, Phillies 5]

Cards WIN

Apparently the Cardinals finally heeded my calls for a 10 run game. A lot of those runs were needed as well, since Michael Wacha wasn’t terribly sharp. Everybody hit aside from Jhonny Peralta, although nobody hit any home runs. And we had a huge change in the lineup with Jon Jay leading off and Matt Carpenter hitting second. It didn’t phase Carpenter and he led off with a triple. Apparently he’s sick of doubles. I’m going to chalk Wacha’s mediocre start up to the fact that he was feeling the pressure without Adam Wainwright. And hope that Carlos Martinez doesn’t feel that same pressure tonight when he pitches.

That was the most runs the Cardinals scored this year and according to Dan McLaughlin during the broadcast they only scored double digit runs 3 times last year. So there’s something they can surpass in just 3 more games.

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