With Wainwright’s achilles officially torn, Cardinals lose second in a row [Phillies 4, Cardinals 1]

Cards Lose

Facing Cole Hamels, who they would love to have pitching for them but probably can’t afford, the Cardinals managed 5 hits and a meager offensive output while losing to the Phillies. The Cardinals were actually leading 1-0 most of the game until John Lackey gave up 3 runs in the seventh inning. It was against a LH pitcher that they once again were unable to score more than 1 run. The Cardinals could have toyed with making a comeback but Matt Belisle gave up the 4th run in the top of the 9th. A good sign was Yadier Molina returning to the game and seeming to have no problems although he went 0-4. Jason Heyward also pinch hit in the 9th so he must be feeling ok, but I think it was pretty stupid to have him pinch hit in a game when you’re losing by 3 runs in the 9th. Best case – he hits a HR and its a 2 run deficit. It doesn’t take an imagination to visualize the worst case after watching the team the last few games. The Cardinals really are overdue for that offensive explosion where the pitching can take the night off.

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